People are strange


me gusta el olor a pelo mojado
me gusta cuando las piernas se balancean y se menean
me gusta cuando llueve y el cielo es todo para mí
me gustan los mimos
me gusta el olor de las especias
me gustan los gatos y los pandas, y los mapaches
me gustan las espaldas

me gusta la fricción de nuestras pieles haciendo el amor
I don't love you, I'm just passing the time. You could love me if I knew how to lie, but who could love me? I am out of my mind, throwing a line out to sea to see if I can catch a dream. #

¿cuándo vas a acordarte de mí? tengo poco que contar y pedir que ya no cuentes conmigo.... soy un tanto egoísta. ¿cuándo vas a acordarte de mí? sería bueno confesar que los dos ya quedamos muy muy lejos y que cada tanto te extraño.
para salir

de vos #
So he said, "Would it be alright if we just sat and talked for a little while, if in exchange for your time I give you this smile?", so she said "Hey that's ok, as long as you can make a promise not to break my little heart and leave me all alone in the summer".
Our friends are all hurting from moments, and regrets, and charity laced with a lie. Still we keep hoping to fix all the defects and strengthen these seminal times. We go on together for better or worse, our history is to real to hate. Now and forever we stay until morning, and promise to fight for our fate. Till we die! The start of a journey is every bit worth it, I can't let you down anymore. The sky is still clearing, we're never afraid and the consciences opens the door. I never stopped trying, I never stopped feeling like family is much more than blood. Don't go on without me, the piece that I represent compliments each and everyone. Till we die! We won't be forgotten, we'll never give in. This war we've achieved has allowed us to win. Till we die! My last true confession will open your eyes. I've never known trust like the night. Let it be spoken, let it be screamed, they'll never ever take us alive. We won't be forgotten, we'll never give in. This war we've achieved has allowed us to win. Carry on! We'll never be broken, we won't be denied, our war is the present we need to deny.