People are strange


¿Se puede soportar que algo se quede sin terminar? No. No se puede.
¿O se puede?
Siempre llego tarde. Siempre llegué tarde a todo. Lo gracioso es que siempre estoy apurada, pero igual llego tarde. Y hay cosas a las que todavía no llegué y... que no sé si alguna vez voy a llegar.


Long story short, now Marla's out to ruin another part of my life. Ever since college, I make friends. They get married. I lose friends.
Neat, I say.
Tyler asks, is this a problem for me?
I am Joe's Clenching Bowels.
No, I say, it's fine.
Put a gun to my head and paint the wall with my brains.
Just great, I say. Really.
Nothing is static.
Everything is falling apart.
I know this because Tyler knows this.
What you have to know is that Marla is still alive. Marla's philosophy of life, she told me, is that che can die at any moment. The tragedy of her life is that she doesn't.


I was alone before she left me